A room is a space that has the same name, but contains different things

It can be a house, a hotel or even a bus. often we use the word „room” to describe places or spaces where people and objects are grouped together. A kitchen is just one room of many in a house but if it is small (possible only for people who have lots of stuff) it can be called „kitchen”.

Similarly, when talking about offices, we often talk about „office” as a type of room. The word office means the same thing as „room”.

In this room, you will have a window, a carpeted floor and a wardrobe full of clothes. Your children will also be part of this room because in your house there are two rooms – one for parents, the other for children. This article introduces you to the world of home design and shows you how to choose between different styles:

These are just some examples that can be used as inspiration when we are sure that our audience knows about these topics already. We can use any topic or even a description from the previous section as an introduction to what is going on here.