If you think about extending your house, what would be the room that should be included in it?

Would you choose a dark room, or a light one? Which color would you have in your living room? How would you decorate your bedroom?

In the new generation of digital products and services, rooms are at the center of every company’s activities. A company has to think about their hierarchy and determine which room (e.g., office, conference rooms) are more important than others.

„A room is a physical space that has a defined size and purpose. Rooms are typically constructed from local materials, such as wood, stone, and concrete. A room may contain multiple spaces divided by common walls called partitions or even fixed partitions through which the rooms are entered. A room may also be part of an individual building, such as an apartment or house.”

All day long, we need a room to live in. It is our most important place. Our home can be anything from a small two-bedroom house to a massive mansion. But that doesn’t mean that you should stay in it all day. If you don’t want to spend the whole day sitting at your desk, you can always make use of the modern technology to entertain yourself while you are waiting for the local train or bus …

Everyone wants their own place where they can work comfortably with others and create great things. However for many people there is no such place – and even if there is an apartment or house that suits them perfectly, they still have no reason to leave it. These helpers work by mimicking you. They automatically create content and save it as a template. They don’t ask for any requests or tolerating any suggestions from the user itself but they just do what they are told to do.

It is quite common that we need to make a trip to the mall or buy something for our parents which require certain details like room code, address and so on.

The Room is a fully-featured virtual room where users can explore different rooms and decorate them with furniture, textiles and other items.

This room lets users choose a color for the walls, create furniture and wallpaper and have interactive conversations with other users.