It also suggests some possible colours to suit your furniture and also suggests

Room is a big part of our life. We spend more and more time in rooms, working in a room and living in a room. Is there no need for a separate room for parents? Is there no need to have an extra bedroom for children at home?

A Room is an ideal place to create content because of the many possibilities it offers:  1) The entire furniture can be changed so that it looks like new every time. 2) It is easy to keep your things clean and organized, even when you are not there. 3) If you want to create something new, it is easy to do so because your child can help you with that or simply use the paper towels instead of just using your hands (see picture below).

Room is a big room in a house where all the family members live. This could be the living room, dining room, kitchen or the bedroom.

The concept of „room” is not new. But how much it has changed since it was first described by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein and then later by Bram Stoker in Dracula – what was small at one time can grow to be huge and really big at another point of time.