The room is a very important part of the home

We are surrounded by so many things that have an impact on our daily life: the air we breathe, the light coming in our windows, the air we breathe from cars, people walking past our house. But none of them is as important as a room.

The most basic room is a room which has been designed for you to live in and which contains your bed, your living area, your kitchen and dining area, your bathroom and perhaps some storage space.

Nowadays most rooms are designed to be flexible – for example you can move into a different room when you need it or change out of it after using it for a while.

The word 'room’ is a made up word. How did it come to be used in this way? When did it become a part of spoken English and not an adjective? The word 'room’ is now used in many different contexts. But what are they?

In this section, we will talk about how to use videos in your business, to present different ideas and products.

The room is the largest part of a house. It’s where your family gathers for a meal, sleeps, shares toys, plays games and just relaxes. Room design can make big or small changes to make it more enjoyable or comfortable.

Room design is described in many ways by designers and architects like to describe them as the “underground” or “cable” rooms of a home.

A good room should be functional, blend in with its surroundings and offer privacy and personal space.